Thursday, June 20, 2024

Thank you to the people of Botswana

The Botswana Movement for Democracy of the Umbrella for Democratic Change wishes to report that its remarkable leader Gomolemo Motswaledi who met his untimely demise on 30 July 2014 was laid to rest in Serowe on Friday 8 August 2014.

The outpour of grief, condolences and words of encouragement from people of all life stations is a testimony to the idea that the people of Botswana cherish the ideals of the life that Gomolemo Motswaledi lived and fought for. Our gratitude also goes to the pastors who administered comfort to all of us throughout that period leading to the burial.

The media, particularly the private media covered events, memorial prayers and funeral proceedings with immense delicacy and fairness. Some radio stations went beyond the call of duty by broadcasting funeral proceedings, live, for the entire day. The conveyance of vital events and information by the media to the public is a key ingredient in cultivating a democratic culture, a reason why our Movement (when in Government) intends to create an environment in which the media will flourish.

The Motswaledi family, despite their immeasurable loss, continued to be a source of inspiration to all ÔÇô and for this we are indebted to them. The people of Botswana at large should accept our gratitude for the love they surely reserved for Rre Gomolemo and the way they have extended it to his Movement during this solemn period. If in any way, and for whatever reason anyone in our nation should feel violated or slighted by any of us or any of our members, please forgive us.

We must all now surely look forward as President Gomolemo Motswaledi would have expected us to do.

We re-dedicate ourselves to the ideals he lived for, believing that every citizen can be nourished to become the best they can be, and our nation can be a jewel among nations. God bless all of you.

Botswana Movement for Democracy of the Umbrella for Democratic Change


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