Thursday, May 23, 2024

Driving schools colluding with transport officers

Dear Editor

Drivers in Botswana are bad.

This is shown by the high level of fatal car accidents.

The arrest of transport officers in Mochudi as reported last week comes at the right time.
I would like to edge The Sunday Standard reporters to do investigative journalism and here is a tip of what I overheard people who might have got their drivers licenses through corrupt say.

The person in need of a driver?s license liaises with the exam makers and the driving school owners.
In the exam room, the would be driver takes the exam paper and just answers only two or three questions the rest are answered by examiners, for a fee that is.

The situation is so bad that some examiners are running driving schools clandestinely.

During road test, the aspiring driver makes a token appearance and doesn?t even get into the car.
From there, the individual gets a license and off they go to get government scheme money to buy a car.

If they are lucky, they roll over drunk and die alone the next morning.

The worst is when they kill innocent individuals hence my statement saying if they are lucky.
The amount of money I overheard is charged by the corruption cartel goes to around three thousand Pula.

I am saying this because I am sad at the rate at which my fellow country men and women are dying like flies.

If this could be of any help, DCEC please act.
Botswana is rotting in corruption and it is disgusting how people even boast about it.

Themba Mphake


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