Saturday, June 15, 2024

Eunice bows out!

After a greatly worrisome one and a half hour delay due to power failure at the Big Five on Friday night, the stage finally came alive for the local pop star contestants.

Eunice Mokena finally bowed out and said goodbye as her squeaky, high-pitched voice failed her as it has in the past weeks. Gorata was once more saved from the axe by the judges as Kabo and Eunice took over the stage to try and convince the judges to keep them in the running. But only Kabo was eventually saved. Gorata does, however, have reason to be worried as she too seems to be getting very popular for elimination as evidenced by her consecutive appearances on the elimination list. It’s about time she stood up and seek professional help to try and protect herself from elimination as she possesses a great amount of potential. She was the first to grace the stage as she serenaded the audience and was the first to take on the task song for which they were given both the lyrics and the instruments. All was not rosy as the task song was a heavy one, giving all the contestants a rather tough time. However, Nonofo gave her counterparts a run for their money as she blew the audience away with an old Madonna classic, and also trampled over the task song as if it were a piece of cake.

“I’ve been singing from a young age and I have grown and gained a lot of popularity ever since the inception of pop idols,” said Nonofo. She stressed just how the competition has brought her closer to the ever hyped Thandie, who did not seem to do it for the crowd this time around.

“You are very lucky to have reached this stage,” said DJ Sid. The dreadlocked judge explained that the rock and roll girl had reached her maximum. This did not sound too good but, at least, Ruth Moore showed she still had much trust for the 23-year-old Thandie. However, she stated that her performance was not as impressive as last week’s, and noted that the aspiring pop star had been the only one who had grown beyond reasonable doubt in the competition.

However, it was a rather bad night for Master D, the organizer of the show, who expressed fear that the contestants’ performance was below par. “Whoever wins this competition will have more than half of their songs on their first album written for them, so it really scares me to see all of you guys failing the task song,” said Master D.

The only person who got some credit from him on both songs was Nonofo. Next week one of these talented competitors will have to step down leaving the competition with only five contestants. And everyone wonders who it will be.
Well, watch this space!


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