Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Even in death Mma Mhlongo continues to be a mystery

Almost two years since the mysterious disappearance of Tirelo Modise, who was popularly known as Mma Mhlongo, the nation is still at a loss as to what could have happened to a woman who, in her life time, always called radio phone-in programmes offering all sorts of advice on life.

She is believed to have died while she was on her way visiting Mozambique.

Since then, the government of Botswana says it is hopeful that Mma Mhlongo will be given a proper burial once her body is found.

The case prosecutor, Priscilla Israel, of the Directorate of Public Prosecution (DPP) says the Mozambican authorities have responded positively.

She, however, said the process will take some time as they have to go through the courts of law, which have given the green light to exhume Mma Mhlongo’s body as well as conduct DNA tests.

“This process normally takes time and the public has to understand that,” the state lawyer said.
Police investigations have revealed that 54-year-old Modise was involved in a road accident near Chubuto Village in Mozambique, in which twelve passengers perished, including her.

The investigations reveal she boarded a bus from South Africa to Mozambique but she was unfortunately left behind by the bus at the South African border.

The investigation further reveals that a certain South African police officer gave her R50 to further her journey because she was stranded.

It is understood that she boarded a minis bus, which was then involved in a road accident in which the twelve passengers perished.

The bodies were taken to Maputo Central Hospital where a radio broadcast was made to the public that they should visit the hospital mortuary to identify the bodies.

It is, however, understood that only three bodies were identified and the remaining 9 bodies were then buried in a mass grave because they were not identified.

It is believed that Mma Mhlogo’s is among the nine unidentified bodies.


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