Sunday, January 17, 2021

Ex cop found with rough diamonds and police stamp

A former police constable is at the center of police investigations after he was caught in possession of rough diamonds and a policed stamp. The police officer was arrested after Sir Seretse Khama police raided his house and found eight rough diamonds, official police documents and a stamp belonging to the Criminal Investigation Department.

The stamp is reported to have disappeared from Gaborone West police station three months ago. There are fears that the stamp could have been used to gain access to huge amounts of money at the Sir Seretse Khama International airport.

Assistant Commissioner Christopher Mbulawa on Monday confirmed that they are questioning a twenty-nine year old man of Mochudi after he was found in possession of uncut diamonds and official government documents.

The Telegraph has it in good authority that the officer, who was an actor in the Botswana police’s anti crime series, Itshireletse, has been under investigation for a while after being suspected of taking part in criminal activities. He was dismissed from the service last year after investigations linked him to a number of criminal activities.

The disappearance of the stamp is said to have put the police on high alert, as it could be used to access huge amounts of money upon arrival at the airport.

Mbulawa said the police will conduct further tests to determine the authenticity and origin of the diamonds, adding that the suspect has been released while investigations continue.

“Once investigations are complete, the case will be referred to the Directorate of Public Prosecution, who will determine whether there is enough evidence to prosecute,” said Mbulawa.
He, however, refused to be drawn into discussing the character of the suspect, saying he should be presumed innocent until proven guilty.


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