Monday, August 8, 2022

Family re-union week slated for end of this month

A family unit which builds up a person’s personality, how one behaves and what one will become in life in today’s world is not being considered as important by the people as it used to be. As such, the Ghetto Urban Design Company has decided to inculcate the family unit in the society through their 2nd cultural family re-union week.

The event is to show that family is a very important institution in our society.
“The whole concept is to celebrate family and culture because when we raise our kids we teach them value, norms, needs, believes traditions and anything that portrays our family,” said Vincent Sebati, the event’s organizer at Ghetto Urban Designs.

The celebration aims at promoting socio/economic development of people who are HIV positive, disabled people and strengthening the role of marriage institution, raise awareness about issues that affect families such as violence, especially against woman and children.

Family is the environment where we learn to use our faculties, and to understand and cope with the physical world. The event will be characterized by family strengthening workshops which will be facilitated by traditional leaders (magosi), academics (social workers, historians, psychologists, and financial experts), church leaders (baruti), successful women and men.

They will be stalls for youth, both males and females, parastatals, government, non/governmental organization to showcase their products. The event will exhibit traditional food, music and dance, attire and arts and crafts.

“We all face dysfunctional families and this event will bring people from different background together. Botswana faces alarming rate of divorce cases which leaves a lot to be desired and this can be attributed to the dying cultural norms and values within the nation,” he said.

To raise awareness on the upcoming event there will be sponsored walk which is scheduled to take place in Gabane Village with the aim of making people aware of the planned Cultural Re-Union.

The purpose of the sponsored walk is to raise funds for the Cultural Re-Union week scheduled to take place on the 25th and 26th May 2012 in Gabane Village (Kweneng District) at Mokolwang Farm. The theme for the event is, “Family and Culture, the Backbone of our Nation”.

It is the family where major decisions are made, which include learning about other family values, customs, norms, needs, believes, traditions and anything that portrays the family. It is also meant to encourage families to be tolerant of other family members regardless of sex, religion and gender.


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