Wednesday, April 24, 2024

FCC sued for over P330 000 for damages to property

A Francistown man, List Jarabane, has dragged the Francistown City Council (FCC) to the Francistown High Court, demanding over P 330 000 as compensation for damages of his property.

According to his summons served before Justice Modiri Letsididi, in 2009, FCC carried out an infrastructural project in Monarch location in which his plot was partly destroyed due to the construction. He further says in his summons that the city council was maintaining a road which passes next to his house.

Jarabane claims that part of his plot was expropriated to give way for construction of the road and the development has left his house closer to the road which makes it difficult for him to erect a fence. He also claims that his property is not safe for habitation and adds that FCC did not compensate him for his lost part of the plot.

The plaintiff also says in the summons that he has suffered because his property had been rented out to tenants at an amount of P2 500 which has resulted in loss of rental income because the tenants have since vacated the house.

His lawyer, Mishingo Jeremia of Jeremia Attorneys, confirmed to the Sunday Standard in an interview last week that indeed they had filed the summons with the High Court.
“We are waiting for the response from the defendant,” he said.


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