Thursday, March 23, 2023

First encounter with the plush Regent Select Hotel

I had almost given up on finding the place when I looked up and saw a lady dressed in a bright pink dress waving frantically at me.

That’s when I made the left turn that led me to an oasis in the form of the ‘home away from home’ mould.

Lying across from The University of Botswana main campus, the Regent Select hotel is a hidden gem.
It won’t be hidden for long. Since its opening early in the week, the management has embarked on a robust marketing campaign.

The Sunday Standard Lifestyle caught up with the lady in the pink dress, who as it turned out, was the vivacious Lyllian, the hotel’s marketing executive. She apologised profusely for my getting lost.

As you enter the foyer, the cool breeze immediately relaxes your mind causing you to unwind. The hotel’s lobby is very spacious, calmly decorated with ‘afropolitian’ (a mix of affrocentric and cosmopolitan) artefacts that give it an African feel without going overboard.

“It’s Africa,” explained the General Manager, Jimmy Borchard, regarding the ethnic interior d├®cor. The lobby and restaurant is also elegantly designed with marble floors and chic furnishings with earthy colours ÔÇô interesting blends of orange brown and yellows.

The Regent Select Hotel does not only look good. Its staff are a gang of do-gooders as well. This eco friendly facility recycles water.

Jimmy explained that all the waste water from the kitchen and ablution is not tossed but is recycled and used in their lavish and lush gardens.

He further explained that they exclusively use biodegradable products which cause absolutely no harm to the environment.

Still furthering their green cause, the Regent Select has unique indoor plants. I had to bend over and touch them to confirm that indeed they are real.

They are beautiful, planted on the ground with dirt and mud.

The 30-room establishment also provides a 14 seat conference room facility. Four of the rooms are family rooms with adjoining doors.

The Regent Select is a self-catering hotel and is working to expand the number of the restaurants who will be a phone call away to deliver meals for guests.

The hotel’s guests will be offered a hearty English breakfast or a lighter continental one depending on individual preferences.

A website where potential guests will be able to make booking and other enquiries, is currently under construction. Bookings can also be made through their social media page on Facebook.

The rooms are cozy, well equipped with kitchenette and a very spacious bathroom ÔÇô all air conditioned with a television and 24 DSTV channels. They are all a non smoking zone but management has catered for their smoking patrons and provided smoking stations in the balconies.


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