Thursday, May 30, 2024

First Model Agency strives to be first choice for all models

Model agencies are on the rise as more and more models look to break into the entertainment industry.

The First Model Agency seeks to help those aspiring male and female models.

The models receive training through 19 lessons that vary in teachings from interviews to skin care. These skills are imparted through the use of videos, photo shoots and promotions.

The proprietor of First Model Agency, Fortune Tanatsa Madyise, spoke to the Sunday Standard and revealed why he believes his model agency is the cream of the crop.

“We train models and they go through a free 3-month course. Others ask for membership fee .We only take 30 percent of what the model is paid,” he said.

The girls and guys are put through various dance routines by their choreographer and this ensures that they stay fit and also learn valuable dance routines that they may use in music videos.
The First Model Agency is linked to the World Model Organisation and they work hand in hand with other agencies. This has helped First Model Agency produce two models who have modelled in the UK and Malaysia.

Their top models receive offers of up to P5, 500.

One of their models, Rutendo, was blessed with the opportunity to be on the O icheke billboard.
The agency helps companies with their image, teaching them the correct etiquette for different situations. These include how to dress, branding, choosing colours for corresponding skin and eye wear.

They also include advising about personal space, for example, being two feet away is too intimate for an employee and a boss.

Madyise did lament the fact that some of the more popular artists try to exploit new comers to the agency and, according to him, such artists always get turned down.
Madyise was also critical of the low payments that artist receive compared other models in South Africa can shoot from 14,000 upwards.

In an interview with Sunday Standard, model Kay Kadiwa explained why she feels that models in Botswana are not well represented and that freelancing is the best way to make money as a model.
“The most one can get paid in Botswana by a company or agency ranges from P1 000 to P5 000 unless you are well connected. It’s a terrible idea to sign up with a Botswana agency; they take their time paying because you signed a contract. Freelancing is the safest way, more money on the regular,” she said.


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