Monday, June 24, 2024

Wilhelmina Models contract up for grabs in upcoming model search contest

On Friday, Mascom launched Gemstones Model Search, a new televised model search contest whose winner will sign a contract with Wilhelmina Models. The model search will run a call for entry media campaign from 1st of September until 3rd of December.

The call for entry process will lead to the auditions that will take place over two days before a team of international talent scouts amongst them Tony Perkins, who is regarded as the most important model scout in the fashion business with about 20 years experience. Perkins has scouted for Ford, Next and Vision model agencies.

He who is considered to have been instrumental in shaping what is perceived to be beauty was present at the launch. He has been instrumental in the development of well-known stars such as Ashton Kutcher, Molly Sims, Ian Sommerhalder and countless others. Asked about what he is searching for from the aspiring models, he answered, “The X factor. I could talk about how tall she must be and have narrow hips. Eventually what I am looking for is that unexplainable X factor.”

Perkins said he is excited to be associated with the Gemstones Model Search, and being in the business of unleashing new fresh faces he was eager to spot the unseen gem in Botswana.
Gemstones Model Search’s organiser, Lavania Holdings, is a newly launched entertainments, events, television and new media company headed by Colin Nawala.

Nawala was instrumental in coordinating Botswana International Model Expo (BIME) last year that saw 17-year-old Tebatso Tshuma winning a modelling contract with Trump Models.

After young Tshuma won the model search, BIME became embroiled in disagreements as Nawala differed with his partner and main sponsor.

Nawala, however, assures that he has learnt from previous problems and has ironed them out in his new venture. “We have liaised with reputable partners, such as the Department of Youth and Culture, Mascom, Wilhelmina Models, Vision Model Management (Perkin’s agency) and Grant & Co (An American major model and talent scouting agency.”

Nawala said these organisations are reputable and mindful of their image.
Dzene Makhwade-Seboni, Mascom’s Chief Marketing Officer, said, “Mascom encourages societal growth and development of new industries which contribute to employment creations.”
She mentioned various sectors, which Mascom sponsors, including sports, arts and recreation.


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