Monday, July 4, 2022

First phase of Bridgetown construction complete, ready for operation

The long waited holiday resort, Bridgetown, has just completed its phase one construction that is expected to be ready for operation in three month’s time.

So far, all the twenty-three luxury apartments that were up for grabs have been sold.

“I can now confirm to you that the first phase of the resort has just been completed as we speak and the contractor is still busy on the site putting finishing touches,” Mompati Maruapula, the Sales and Marketing General Manager of Bridgetown, told the Sunday Standard. “All the twenty-three apartments, thirteen being two bedroomed and ten single bedroomed, are all sold out as expected.

The first phase is now ready for operation, which is scheduled to start sometime around May this year after all the logistics are completed.”

Maruapula explained that although the apartments have all been sold out, there are some legal procedures that have to be followed before they can be operational.

“The process is not that lengthy but the management is hopeful that all the necessary procedures will be completed in due course,” he added.

He was, however, reluctant to reveal the number of job opportunities that will be available in the first phase.

“I am unable to give you the exact number of people that will be employed because the resort will not be fully operational but a few people from around Kasane will be hired,” he said.

Maruapula said plans are still underway for the official launch of the first phase construction at which the final draft will be communicated to the public.

He said the other two phases that are still left are also expected to be completed sometime early next year and the management is optimistic that the construction will be completed in time.

He added that there have been some problems during the construction but they managed to rise above them, saying that the most difficult obstacle they faced was of the escalating prices of materials, which he said was unavoidable.

This development is expected to be part of the larger picture which Kasane is planning to undertake with the expansion of the Airport and the building of the Kazungula Bridge that is aimed at bolstering trade and commerce across the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region.

The resort town has the potential of linking with some of the regional capitals such as Livingstone, Harare, Johannesburg and Cape Town through air in a bid to strengthen its position within the region.


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