Saturday, July 13, 2024

Fisher for Defence, Justice and Security?

Impeccable sources say former Botswana Defence Force commander, Lt General Matshwenyego Fisher, has been approached by those in control of the levers of power to occupy the vacant cabinet post of Defence, Justice and Security.

Sources say President Ian Khama’s administration has gone fishing, belatedly though, after the cabinet position remained vacant for more than four months following the resignation of Ramadeluka Seretse who is facing a graft charge.

Contacted for comment, Fisher would not confirm or deny that he has been approached.

“Unfortunately, I don’t want to be involved in this kind of speculation. I have been offered a job as a senior lecturer at the University of Botswana and I have accepted the job. It’s not my intention to leave this job,” Fisher told the Sunday Standard on Friday.

The Presidency was not willing to shed any light on the matter either.

“The Office of the President does not deal in second hand information, hearsay and rumours.” The blunt response came from the director for Research and Policy Development Dr. Raphael Dingalo.
Speculation is rife that, by approaching Fisher, Khama may be cunningly trying to appease those who may be feeling alienated by his administration and further bolster his grip on power.

Fisher is a lecturer in the Department of Political Science and Public Administration.

He retired from the BDF in 2006 and joined Wits University as a lecturer. In 2008, he enrolled at Wits University to read for his PhD. He is currently compiling his research thesis, which is on ‘defence policy making in Botswana’.

Before moving to South Africa, Fisher had a short stint at UB, where he worked as a part-time lecturer in the Political Science and Public Administration Department.

Fisher holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science, a Masters Degree in Political Science and Public Administration and an MBA.


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