Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Flooding in Mahalapye leaves eleven families homeless

A woman died after floods swept her away after heavy rains, combined with strong winds, caused flooding in several areas in the Central District during the weekend. The heavy downpour in areas such as Mahalapye, Palapye and surrounding areas left more than eleven families without shelter in Mahalapye on Saturday.

The National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) had to post their officers to help the communities who were affected.   

NDMO Chief Programme Officer, Nkosiyabo Moyo, confirmed in an interview that they had been informed that at least one person died through drowning.  Moyo said that the woman who died is suspected to have been walking along the road along with others when the incident took place.

┬á“We are informed that she slipped and fell into running water and drowned. Those who were with her suspect that she might have slipped into the culvert,” said Moyo.

He stated that her body was recovered after a search was conducted.

He further explained that the floods also swept away two vehicles that were later recovered by the search team that was comprised of police and other law enforcement agencies.

Moyo said that the floods also left eleven families without shelter after their houses collapsed and were destroyed by the heavy downpour in Mahalapye.

Assessments are currently being undertaken in affected areas to find out the extent of the damage.
“Among other villages that were affected in the outskirts of Mahalapye are Maunatlala, Mokhware, Mogome and other remote settlements,” said Moyo.

He stressed that the National Disaster Officers were posted on the ground. Mahalapye, Palapye and the Kgalagadi District are among the areas that have been hard hit by heavy rains that left more than hundred people without shelter. The Botswana Red Cross has been on alert and has already helped those affected with tents, food, blankets and kitchen utensils.

Several few weeks ago, Molepolole was hit hard by a heavy storm that left 28 families without shelter.


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