Sunday, May 26, 2024

Floods in Nata, Gweta leave many homeless

More than ten households  were left without shelter due to recent floods in  villages such as Nata, Gweta, Sepako and Manxhotai area after heavy rains during the weekend.

It is feared that many household could be left without shelter since most of the areas were not assessed due to inaccessibility of areas due to floods.

Botswana Red Cross, Disaster Management Coordinator, Obakeng Setlhamo stated in an interview that they have identified ten household in Nata that were left without shelter as the floods destroyed their shelter during the weekend.

Setlhamo stated that they are fears that many household could be affected by the recent floods since most of the villages were not accessible.

He said that Red Cross volunteers are currently on the ground assessing how much damage was caused by the recent floods. Setlhamo also stated that they will be disbursing food,tents and household utensils to victims of floods this week because most of the victims food,shelter and clothing was washed away by floods.

Setlhamo stated that many household could have been affected.Setlhamo said that Red Cross volunteers are on the ground assessing the situation. He said that  those who have been identified will be provided with tents,food,kitchen utensils and clothing.

He said that they will carry more assessment in most of the villages after the water subsidizes.


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