Saturday, July 2, 2022

Orange launches Sesolo zone

Orange Botswana has launched the new Orange prepaid “Sesolo Zone” discount service.

Subscription to the Sesolo Zone service is free to all Orange prepaid customers. To subscribe, a customer simply calls 135 from their Orange phone and follows the voice prompts. Customers can also subscribe by dialling the short code, 135*1#.

Lebogang Moruti, Orange Products and Service Manager, said, “We are taking this service to all corners of Botswana. Soon, every Orange prepaid customer will be able to benefit from the dynamic discounts on offer. This is a first for Orange Botswana and a first for our customers. We are the first Orange network anywhere in the world to launch this service. And the first network in Botswana to launch this service in a major metropolitan area in the country.”

Sesolo Zone service went live in certain areas in Gaborone, Francistown and Selebi Phikwe, and is being rolled out every week to other towns and villages in Botswana.

Sesolo Zone allows Orange customers to make discounted calls during times when the network load is at its lowest. The variable discounts make it easy for Orange to change user call patterns dynamically as traffic increases. The discounts go up to 100% and are applicable to voice calls to other Orange numbers only.

The discounts exclude SMS and other services like internet access or MMS. Once an Orange customer subscribes to the service and configures the “cell broadcast” or “cell info” settings on their phone correctly the applicable Sesolo Zone discount applicable will be displayed on their phone e.g. “Sesolo Zone ÔÇô 50%”. If they initiate a call that discount in this instance 50% is applied to the appropriate Orange prepaid off peak or peak tariff for the duration of their call.

Karabo Tlhabiwe, Orange Public Relations Manager, said, “We value our customers and the new Sesolo Zone service is a new and innovative way of allowing them to save money in a way that they will appreciate, but also in a way that is sustainable and doesn’t create unmanageable congestion on the network they rely on to call and communicate with the people that are important to them.”


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