Sunday, June 23, 2024

Former Deputy Attorney General buried in Mmankgodi

Multitudes of mourners, among them high ranking government officials, descended on Mmankgodi on Thursday to pay their last respects to the former Deputy Attorney General Oaitse Taote Mapitse.

Mapitse died a week ago (Thursday 7th) after he collapsed at his farm and was certified dead upon arrival at Jwaneng Hospital.

Molokomme, representing the government, said Mapitse had impacted the lives of Batswana in many positive ways.

“We have his name in our office history,” she said, adding that Mapitse was a mentor, to lawyers and non- lawyers who worked with him”.

“He was a very knowledgeable man who shared his wealth of knowledge and wisdom with much grace and humility. He had a remarkable memory and would effortlessly give a historical account of developments in the law or government policies,” said Molokomme.
She stated that Mapitse would proudly remind a supplies officer that he too used to be one and cannot be tricked about the administration of the Supplies Regulations. Molokomme described Mapitse as a good listener saying with him ‘no issue was off bounds.

“He was never too busy to listen and give advice when approached, regardless of whether the matter was of a professional or private/personal nature and he treated others with respect,” she said.

Molokomme said, as a passionate farmer, Mapitse would look out through his office window and tell when it was going to rain.

“The younger farmers in Chambers soon started affectionately calling him the weather consultant,” said Molokomme.

Speaking as a representative from the Agriculture Department was Assistant Minister Oreeditse Molebatsi who said “we rely on his farm for the harvest of sorghum, even this year we hoped to visit his field again”.

Molebatsi explained that Mapitse taught him how to plough and gave him seeds of sweet sorghum from Zimbabwe.

Mapitse was the Chairman and founding member of the Botswana Arable Farmers Association.

Among those who attended the funeral were government officials, Thebeyame Tsimako, the former Police Commissioner, Moses Lekaukau, Chief Justice Maruping Dibotelo, the Bakwena Chieftainship and the village Chief kgosi Letlole II Thobega.


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