Saturday, May 21, 2022

Former Land Tribunal judge joins Industrial Court

The former Land Tribunal Judge President, Baruti Galesiti, has been appointed an Industrial Court judge.

Before being appointed Industrial Court judge, Galesiti was the deputy registrar at the Lobatse High Court, a post he took up after leaving his position as Land Tribunal judge.

Industrial Court Registrar, Frederick Mpopang, said that Galesiti is going to head the newly-opened Court in Francistown, which was opened in order to deal with a backlog of cases in the area and that plans are ongoing to send another judge to the town.

“The government has agreed to open the Francistown office because of the backlog of cases in that town,” he said.

Besides Baruti, Isaac Bahuma, formerly of Mack Bahuma Attorneys, has also joined the Industrial Court.

Mpopang said that Bahuma is going to fill the void left by former Industrial Court judge President Elijah Legwaila who has since been appointed Court of Appeal judge.

Despite the continuing hiring of judges in the Court, Mpopang said that they were still experiencing a backlog of cases in the Court as more employees approach them to seek legal recourse.


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