Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Former soldier pleads not guilty to unlawful possession of ammunition

A former Botswana Defence Force (BDF) soldier who was based at Area S Camp in Francistown last week pleaded not guilty to a charge of possession of over 50 live rounds of ammunition before Francistown Chief Magistrate Mokwadi Gabanagae.

It is alleged that the accused, Gosaitse Raboijane, was found in possession of the ammunition on the 11th of December 2006 in Francistown after the police were tipped off by the public.

Giving evidence in court, the Forensic Scientist who did the tests and examinations on the ammunition revealed that on the 22 December in 2006 he received the ammunition for analysis from the Police and found out that the ammunition consisted of 20 live rounds of AK47 bullets and 30 live rounds 9 mm pistol ammunition.

However, during cross examination, the accused stormed at the forensic officer saying that his findings are not credible as he did the analysis on his own and urged the court not to believe his testimony. He denied the charge, saying that the ammunition is not his.

The state is still yet to call two witnesses to give evidence, a ballistic expert from the Botswana Defense Force and the Police Investigation Officer.

The ammunition was used in court as exhibits.

The state was represented by Tebogo Sankoloba from the Directorate of Public Prosecutions (DPP) while the accused was not represented.

Raboijane is currently on bail and the continuation of trial has been set for the 29th of September this year.


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