Monday, May 27, 2024

“BFA should not raise gate rates to out-of-reach proportions”

Dear Sir

I am one of those supporters who thought buying a ticket well ahead of the encounter between the “Dream team” Indomitable Lions would be a wise idea.

I was wrong.

I found myself queuing at the gate with a ticket in my hand.

I queued for an hour before I could get inside the stadium.

I do not understand why the BFA decided to operate with only two gates to serve such a big crowd.
This arrangement totally defies the essence of buying tickets in advance!

I got so furious when I heard an agitated die-hard Zebras supporter lamenting that the game was too cheap.

I don’t think she understood the root cause of the problem.

To start with, the National Stadium was not full to capacity, especially the favourite panda stand.
So to argue that the price was low enough to attract too many people was not correct.

It seems the BFA officials put their interests before those of the supporters all the time when it comes to the issue of affordability of games of such nature.

We know any commodity is priced based on costs but, at times, their argument is unjustifiable!
I would like to applaud the BFA for reducing prices and urge them not to make a mistake of hiking prices so as to control the crowd because we don’t want to see the COSAFA discomfiture again!
The BFA must address the problem! If they are undermanned and have no option they might as well resign en-masse.

We love the “Dream Team”.

We love the Zebras and we would rally behind them at any cost but we shouldn’t be punished for doing so.

Let me now take this opportunity to praise the young Zebras for the performance they displayed against one of the African power houses.
It was a very good game that, to me, could have gone either way with both teams having mouth watering chances which, unfortunately, were not converted.

Kaone Bogatsu


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