Thursday, July 18, 2024

Forming a new party was the right move!

I am one of those people who had vowed not vote in the next general elections should any party from the opposition  pull out of the Umbrella. After the two factions squared up at the Bobonong congress, or after the Ndaba faction was denied entry at Matshekge School, the meditator found it fit to ask them to go back and resolve their problems on their own. After that I  clearly understood why the Alliance For Progressives was formed because there was no way the two could sit without a mediator. Now I will vote come election time. It is not a secret that there was absolutely  no peace between the two factions and the best remedy  was to form a new party. It had to happen.Leaving those who feel they own the B.M.D to run it their way without any interference was a noble thing to do.

There is nothing wrong with someone joining a different church because he feels closer to God at a different one. At the end of the day there is only one God. In politics why should someone be crucified when they move to another party or forms a new party? At the end of the day there is only one Parliament. Batswana want  progressive politics not petty politicians. At the general elections Batswana must punish politicians who do not address issues concerning them and their country instead spending time attacking each other. Lets accept that there is a new Political party and leave with it.Let everyone mind his own business and stop insulting each another. That is Progressive politics that Batswana want or else we will think someone is bitter, jealous, scared or frustrated that he has been left to run his business on his own.

Eddie Mdluli writes from Jackalas No1


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