Wednesday, June 12, 2024


It is with joy and happiness that the former BDP youth chairman has quit and is joining the opposition. To those who are still not sure if to follow or not, its ok, we can’t all see things at the same time. I know some of our friends in very high offices are with us at the UDC in spirit, and it is not a secret that some of our friends left at the BDP want to join us but are scared of being victimised because of the jobs and probably tenders they are in. Doors are still wide open at the UDC. There is plenty of room in UDC and Boko’s kingdom. A little advice to the party I used to like and actually sat in one important and productive committee then; caution your Ministers who go to political rallies telling voters that if they do not vote BDP they will NOT have facilities like clinics. This was a careless and irresponsible statement by  minister of health recently at a political rally. Such statements are annoying and actually even annoy  your party members.


Watch this space….


Eddie Mdluli

UDC Activist



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