Thursday, May 23, 2024

FRAFA, BFA spar over a vehicle …, Again!

The fight between the seemingly delinquent Francistown Football Region (FRAFA) and Botswana Football Association (BFA) over a FRAFA vehicle is far from over.

Just a couple of weeks after FRAFA chairperson Maokaneng Bontshetse and the BFA leadership clashed over the vehicle, the two structures are at it again.

On Thursday, Thabiso Kebotsamang, an official working in BFA accounts and finance department, allegedly called the FRAFA treasurer Dabulani Sechele to inform him that the car they use ‘was not bought properly.’ 

“He was told that there is a form they should complete before buying the car. According to him they can only buy the car after completing the form because it is the one which gives the region authority to purchase the car/property,” FRAFA Secretary Daniel Nkoketsang explained. 

The call is said to have caught the FRAFA executive committee by surprise as they had been using it for a year now.

“It is surprising that the BFA only recently ‘learnt the car was not properly bought,’’ Nkoketsang observed, adding that “This certainly raises some eyebrows.”

According to the FRAFA Secretary, the now disputed car was bought through donations from FRAFA sympathizers in September 2019 and the regional structure had not had any queries about it until recently.

He further explained that for the region to have bought the car was the agreement between sponsors and the FRAFA chairperson on behalf of the committee. 

Nkoketsang expressed concern that the recent interest of the BFA in everything FRAFA is just a hidden ploy to get back at them.

“The BFA leadership is targeting people who do not agree with them to victimise them and tarnish their name,” he opined.

He gave an example of the First Division North executive committee, which is still serving it suspension to date without a charge, saying that ‘to the current leadership, that is normal.’

The FRAFA Secretary was surprised by the seemingly heavy handedness of the BFA as he believed the vehicle in the midst of their dispute is used for the regional football related activities.

Nkoketsang said the car is controlled by the committee and whoever wants to use it for the operations of the regions can take it. 

The use of the car recently landed Bontshetse in a hot soup after he used it to travel to the Kgalagadi region.

Bontshetse, who has decamped from the Letshwiti camp to join the opposing Tebogo Sebego camp had used the car to travel to the Kgalagadi region for what is widely believed to be an election campaign.

 In the aftermath of the trip, the FRAFA chairman was written a letter by the BFA ‘to show course why disciplinary proceedings cannot be executed against him.’ 

The vocal Maokaneng wrote back asking to know who is the complaint and who instructed Letshwiti to write him a letter.


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