Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Francistown braces for comic relief and catharsis at The city’s 4th Annual Comedy and Poetry Night

The city of Francistown will embrace the 4th Annual Francistown Comedy and Poetry Night on the 27th of October 2017 at Adansonia Hotel brought to them by Major Moves Comedy. The patrons will be treated to rib cracking laughter from a diverse group of comics and moments of catharsis with ear catching verses from an army of poets.

Gaolathe Kediemetse the event coordinator said: “The show will bring clean, high energy, fun and clever comedy as another alternative form of leisure for Francistown residents as well as bringing poets and comedians at par with international acts.” Tickets are available at web tickets and spar outlets priced at P150 for single and P200 for double while the event will kick start at 7:30p.m until 11p.m.

The event will be headlined by eminent South African Comedian Prins Virgil, Zimbabwean Clive Chigubu and Francistown’s golden Child Augustus ‘Monate Aromat’ Phillimon. Prins Virgil is expected to be innovative, embracing issues such as race, culture and religion to name a few. The show also features Desire Itani, Maruza, Phenyo ‘The Master’ Phaladi and Ntando Van Moyo. Clive Chigubu will be making a debut performance and comic fans will get to witness his trade mark catch phrase ‘Ye Ye-e’.  Gaolathe Kediemetse also noted that: “We are excited to be hosting fresh international comedians because in most cases they collaborate with invited comics who also invite them to their countries for further exposure.”

Since there aren’t any poetry nights in Francistown, the event provides a platform for poets to showcase their artistic skills to a sizeable audience. Since the world is a global village, the introduction of international acts means one can only be as good if they perform with the best in the game.  The show will be setup in a cinema style with stage and lights in front for a glorious view. The event is believed to offer many health benefits as laughter boosts the immune system, decreases stress and triggers the release of endorphins which are the body’s natural feel good chemicals. Gaolathe Kediemetse concluded that: “We promise a spectacular show with this production as we have a fresh new line up, therefore people must come and experience the best and enjoy ultimate entertainment from beginning to the end.”


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