Saturday, November 26, 2022

Francistown heroes could get phenomenal recognition

Francistown heroes will in the future get eternal recognition as some of the city’s infrastructural projects are named after them.

This follows a motion adopted by the Francistown council requesting the Ministry of Lands and Housing to consult in renaming the Francistown International Airport and the stadium after local heroes.

The motion was tabled by Monarch East Councilor for Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD), Raoboy Mpuang.

During a full council meeting, the councilors agreed that local heroes should be recognized, having played a significant role in the establishment and development of the city.

“We have unsung heroes and heroines such as the late Philip Matante and many others who contributed immensely to the existence of Francistown,” Mpuang said in suggesting the move to name the airport after him. “Such a move would help preserve the history of Francistown and even boost its image.”
Mpuang cited the example of Oliver Tambo International Airport, which expresses the role played by Tambo in South Africa’s liberation struggle.

The motion was seconded by former Mayor and BMD councilor, Shadreck Nyeku, who agreed that icons should get the respect they deserve.

“In the United States of America for an example, they have airports such as the John F Kennedy Airport named after the President of that country. We can also do the same and perhaps name our new International Airport and the Francistown Stadium after the local heroes. By doing this we can help uplift the image of Francistown,” he said.

However, the BDP specially elected councilor,Ford Moiteela, rubbished the motion saying that there is no need to rename the airport and the stadium. He said the current names define Francistown and do not pose any problem. He said that changing the names would not bring any value to the city.

“Perhaps you can just change the name of the streets, but the infrastructure such as the international airport and the Francistown stadium are fine and such a move will not bring any value to Francistown,” he maintained.

A motion sponsored by Ignatius Moswaane proposing that the new stadium be named after former Mayor, Peter Ngoma, did not see the light after it failed to be seconded.

However, there was a section of people proposing that the stadium be named after former Botswana national team player and Notwane Football Club manager, Thomas “Bra Thos” Chawilane.

The group argued that Chawilane played an instrumental role in the development of Botswana, coupled with his undying and relentless contribution to the growth of TAFIC Football Club.


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