Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Francistown lad releases Kwaito Kwasa album set to take the country by storm

At a tender age of 23 Maisho is destined for big things in music despite the challenges that always persist. Christened Ishmael David, born and bred in Mahalapye the Francistown based young youth just released an album that is set to give the Kwaito Kwasa veterans a heart felt competition in their music. In an interview with the Telegraph Maisho pointed out that like most of the youths at his age, he grew up listening to Kwaito Kwasa albums, a genre of music that is a blend of the popular South African music of Kwaito and Kwasakwasa, which traces its roots in Central Africa. Maisho indicates that he started his album, “Machandisa” from humble beginnings through the help of his parents financially and he managed to release the album through their support.

“I began working on the album towards the end of last year through one music promoter, by the name of Motini who worked tirelessly with me in the project and he helped me to cut the 50 album copies,” Maesho said.

Maesho pointed out that the four track album sold like a hot cake during its first entrance into the market and this gave him immense hope in his talent. Beaming with a chuckle, Maisho, states out that with the first track (Aids ke mamba) he did the track in order to awaken the public about the realities of the HIV/Aids disease and further explained that he felt that he needed to sensitize the youth on risky and immoral behavior. The other track Machandisa, which is also the title of the album, Maisho indicates that he wrote the track owing it to some of his friends who back stabbed him in life. According to Maisho, Machandisa is a street slang word popular among most of the youths of his age which solely means someone who is a snitch.

“I particularly named the album after this track because the reason why I released this album I have been a through a lot especially with friends who turn out to be two faced,” he adds. With a low dissenting voice and a face of sadness he reveals that not all friends can be true friends,.
Majita is also one other song that is good to the ear and can make one tap his fingers. He states that he did the song because in contrast to Machandisa with majita he means that some of his friends have been there for him during the ups and downs of life. The album also has a track nnana wame, which is Kwaito kwasa that is also blended with a gospel flavor.

“I am from a Christian background that is why I had to add this track as a way of showing the listeners that no matter how hard it is God appreciates, forgives and loves all of us,” he said.
Maisho revealed that the album was recorded in Gaborone by T.M records, under the belt of Mmoloki Gaenamotse who is also the owner of the studio. He also mentioned that he composed all his songs and the message targets both the youth and the older generation. He highlighted that although he composed all the songs, he still looks up to the icons in the industry such as the Wizard of the Desert and Vee, were he drew his inspiration.

However Maisho stressed that although his passion lies with music, he advices the youth who want to venture into the music arena to first empower themselves with education as music is a risky industry. He elaborated that sometimes people end up signing agreements and contracts that end up bearing a negative outcome on them.

“It’s better to empower yourself with education, before you indulge with music because when you release an album, it might not sell as per the target and turn into a disappointment,” Maisho said.
He added that some record labels can rip off artists and take advantage of their illiteracy therefore education can help artists to be proactive not to fall into such traps.
“Although I never went very far with my studies, but at least I managed to finish my studies at Madiba Senior Secondary School and I believe the education I got enlightened my understanding of things,” Maisho said.


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