Friday, April 12, 2024

Magosi finally releases album

On Thursday, local record label, Ramco Records and Magosi held an album listening session for their long awaited album,’Thuto le Thobo.’

The listening session, which was by invitation only, was held at the Village’s Lizard Lounge and, as is typical of our local events, started an hour late.

In attendance were the city’s radio presenters and television personalities and those who came to offer the lads support.

Music producer Presley, otherwise known as Prez, who allegedly worked with the young boys on the album couldn’t attend the session as he was said to be still recovering from his recent car accident.
However, his partner from Third Mind, Modisa, also known as Dee, was able to attend and represent the duo that Thobo (Ruxion) referred to as the other half of Magosi.

The two revealed that they worked with a number of local artists such as Vee, Juju Boy, and Third Mind. The other musician they worked with, Mosako, has allegedly been sentenced to seven years in jail for defiling a minor.

The duo has been postponing album release dates since 2007 but has now finally released a 13-track album which they claim has something for everyone.
Magosi has in the past been involved in amateurish public spats with another group that shares a similar name to theirs, the Real Magosi, over which group is entitled to the name.

They claim to have put that all behind them and are now looking forward to a successful music career.

According to Thuto, who goes by the stage name Melo, people were starting to think of them as jokes of the industry because they kept promising album releases but never delivered until now.
“When we came out in 2007 and couldn’t produce an album, people thought we were just one of those one-hit wonders and they were not taking us seriously. We are glad to finally have the chance to prove that we are more than that,” said Thuto.

Thobo revealed that they choose their original names for the album because the album is close to their hearts. He said that the album’s aim was to be balanced in terms of song choices.
“It’s not just about the club bangers and all that, if you want a love song, you will find it; if you want an angry song, we got it, a club song, mood lifters whatever, this album is for you,” he said.

In conclusion, the album’s mature beats are out of this world compared to their 2007 ‘hit’ song. For the hip-hop sketical, the album is not too noisy or overly vulgar, it’s something that locals will be proud of. Their vocals are quite good and their flow sounds on point.

A song to look out on the album is ‘Leave me alone’ in which they collaborated with a female artist called Rebecca.


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