Monday, May 27, 2024

Francistown man shot to death

Police in Francistown are investigating a murder case in which a middle-aged man of Francistown was shot dead by another man in the public’s full view.

The Station Commander at Francistown Police Station, Cyprian Magalila, said that the deceased was an employee at Canon, an electronics company in Francistown, adding that the police were alerted of the incident on Wednesday.

“The information we got is that the killer came in the evening of Wednesday at the company’s premises and called the deceased and they both moved a distance away from the premises, where he produced a hand gun, shot his victim to death and later sped away in a vehicle,” said Magalila.
He revealed that they had already arrested a 36-year-old man in connection with the murder, adding that the man is still in police custody.

The Station Commander went on to say that although such incidents in Francistown are rare, it is still of high concern that a person’s life could be taken in public.

Although Magalila would not divulge much information as to what could have caused the incident, because investigations are still in progress, information passed to the Sunday Standard is that the motive behind the killing could have emerged from a love wrangle between the two men.
Magalila said that they were also investigating another case in Monarch location in Francistown in which an elderly man committed suicide by hanging himself last week.

“The man committed suicide on Wednesday last week and the difficult part is that he left no suicide note,” Magalila stated.

He told the Sunday Standard that although the murder rates and suicides in Francistown have been reduced as compared to the previous years, such incidents still remain very disturbing.


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