Thursday, June 13, 2024

Friends come and go, best friends are forever

All of us have a circle of people who we relate to as friends. Among this group of friends, there is always one who you are closer to. This is the one that you choose as the best friend. The question is, who do you choose as the best friend and why?

To me the answer is quiet clear.
We cannot relate to our friends in the same way. There will always be the one who is closer to you than the rest of the group. This is the one whose advice you listen to. The one who knows even your most intimate secrets. The one who really knows and understands you. The one whom you run to when you need help or advice. This is your best friend.
Consider all the friends that you have had in your life. How many of them are still around? Who is the one who has consistently been by your side?

A friend of mine insists that all her friends are equal. But the fact is, even among a group of friends, there will always be the one who is closer to you than the rest of the pack.
Rebaone defines a friend as the one whom you relate to on a daily basis, and a best friend as the one whom you are closest to.

“Your best friend will know a lot about you and know when you need your own space. A friend, on the other hand, is just there for some time and not really bothered about a lot of things that you do in your life,” he said.
Friends come and go while best friends are forever.

A friend is an associate who provides assistance in your life, while a best friend is the one you know well and regard with trust and affection. The one who will stay in your life forever.


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