Sunday, June 23, 2024

Hamoir breeding man’s best friends

Dogs have always been deemed man’s best friend, and the professional breeding of dogs is strengthening the bond between man and the best pedigree of well nurtured, groomed and trained dogs.

 John Hamoir is in the dog breeding business and has been peddling some of the most dangerous breeds like the American Pit bull, Pit bull and bull terrier cross, Staffy and Boer bull Rottweiler cross. Hamoir stated that, “I have been breeding dogs for over 20 years because I was attracted to their behavior, and  they became my friends when no one would.”

To be a successful breeder Hamoir considers; timing, health and environmental proximity. These he says are imperative to the well being of a dog. He further stated that: “Understanding is key to all breeders, in terms of how dog breeding works and what to anticipate regarding challenges and expenses.” One needs to outline a dog breeding program looking at short, medium and long term objectives. Some dog breeding techniques he uses include line breeding which encompasses the passing of specific traits on a continuous basis to the next generations. Out crossing introduces new characteristics in the bloodline that will then have to be improved and reinforced while Out breeding is mainly used to breed hybrid dogs and crosses.

Hamoir asserts that: “It is not about the money, it is mainly about the health of the dog, so if the new owner does not care for them, I give them back their money and take back the dog.” He doesn’t have any specific clientele as he sells to anyone who is interested and enthusiastic in acquiring a dog.  The health of the dog should be a priority as viruses kills them at an early age.

The heat cycle and pregnancy are also important considerations in dog breeding. Cross breeding gives a dog a unique appearance, fewer congenital issues and can make great pets while the disadvantages are; their personalities  are difficult to predict, may be more expensive than a pure breed and difficult to judge the size the adult dog will be. In breeding on the other hand maintains the purity of the bloodlines. Depending on how he feeds his dogs, they can give birth twice a year giving two to three puppies on each occasion, though he feeds his beasts mixed food once a day. During the pregnancy period, the owner should walk the dogs and be cautious of how much they feed them as too much food will kill the babies.


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