Monday, May 16, 2022

Ga Maila Festive Meltdown a resounding Success

After a quiet Christmas with the family, it is only fair to usher in the New Year with friends, fireworks and loud music. With a vast array of festivals, parties and sessions to choose from, the first ever Ga Maila Festive Meltdown bagged it and with a line up like that, anything else would have been a not so smart choice.

The trip to Kanye started in a small village in the deep Eastern part of Botswana, Sefophe, where I hail from. After having to literally tear myself from my mother and daughter, I headed for the capital city where I was scheduled to link up with my partners in crime to continue the journey to Kanye. Six long hours later, refreshed and buckled up with a designated driver of sober habits we were buckled up and ready for action.

From the Polokwe hills rain clouds and lightning could be seen on the horizon, but this did not dampen our festive mood as went along with the journey as planned. Getting out of the car at the final destination, ‘Motse Lodge’ came as a bit of a shock as the temperature had dropped drastically especially considering the scorching heat we had left in Gaborone.

As soon as we were ushered to the VIP section of the festival, the rain turned up. It was raining so hard that should a child have been born between eight and eleven o’clock that night it would have been appropriate to name them Rapula, Mmapula or Motlalepula.

One of the Lodge’s traditional huts came to our rescue and we were able to hide from the rain in there while the other festival goers proved to be on a relentless quest to have a good time, come hell or high waters (almost literally). They wore their camp chairs on their heads when it started raining but later it came down so hard that they were of no use and they just danced the night away in the rain.

There was one particular lady who was draped in a red latex jumpsuit that had no problems with the rain though she was a subject of ridicule from various corners at the festival. Some said she was wearing a balloon, a plastic bag but the winner was when one of the locals said “Monyana yo o apere sekhakha.” Sekhakha is a colloquial term used by Bangwakwetse (hailing from Kanye) which literally translates to plastic bag. Despite all the jokes she was the one person who did not get wet.

To give credit where it’s due, it’s safe to say that artist T.H.A.B.O saved the show, for the few hours it was pouring he had the crowd on their toes, screaming, dancing and chanting the night away as if they were completely oblivious of the downpour. Dj Ricky Lamar and Harrison Crump, who were part of an equally pleasing line up played alongside T.H.A.B.O’s antics and the crowd went berserk.

Hip Hop sensation Dramaboi brought his A game to this show and had the crowd on their feet so did music veteran Mapetla, the drummers Team Distant and the MMP family. Due to my late arrival I missed some amazing performances from the likes of Dj Sexxy Fizz and many others. And then came the fireworks at midnight as we said goodbye to 2014 and hello to 2015 but the fun and games were far from over. Botswana’s own blue eyed Kwaito Kwasa star, multi award winning Vee performed his latest songs and his classics. To show his Christian prowess, he got the crowd to sing along to popular gospel tunes.

Three ladies were able to bring this crowd to a brief stand still as they portrayed their skill on the dance floor, the Twerk Queens as they shook their sizeable ASSets to various hip hop tunes.

It was an amazing show and I would confidently recommend to anyone who might have missed it to check it out this year. Hats off to the organiser Dj Sly. Have yourself a prosperous new year.


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