Friday, July 19, 2024

Entrepreneurs urged to invest in the Ga-Maila Festive Meltdown

Following the resounding success of the Ga-Maila Festive Meltdown, which was held recently at Motse Lodge in Kanye, calls have been made for the business fraternity to invest in the project as it has potential beneficial returns for the community. According to Ga-Maila Festive Meltdown event promoter and organizer Kenanao Baruti, communities should invest in the project as it has the potential to improve people’s livelihoods and develop the tiny villages around Kanye.


Baruti said the annual show is a great opportunity for the business fraternity to invest in and grow their businesses. She added that the show attracts people from across the country and even beyond, which presents a huge market for businesses to advertise their products and services.

She cited catering, accommodation and transport as some of the business sectors that entrepreneurs can venture into and make reasonable profits. She also said such opportunities can help the economy as the government can be cushioned by the taxes charged.


“The annual event provides ample opportunities to develop the surrounding villages and improve livelihoods. The event also markets Kanye to the rest of the country, thereby making it a desirable destination for the business fraternity,” said Baruti.

Since its debut in 2014, the event has made remarkable strides as it not only entertains but provides business opportunities for the betterment of the entire Kanye community.


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