Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Gaborone Summer Festival revellers notified that prizes are still up for grabs

The Gaborone Summer Music Festival promoter, Lemmy Masekela of Fun Sounds, called a press conference at the Millenium Jazz Restaurant to answer possible questions that may have been raised by revellers at the concert that took place last Saturday at the Fairgrounds.

While many buzzed with excitement, despite the technical glitches experienced at the festival that featured Hugh Masekela, Kunle Ayo, Nana Coyote, Ntando and Socca Moruakgomo, its promoter, Masekela, was however harder on himself.

“Personally I am not happy, and believe I could have done better,” he said.
The musicians’ sets were plagued by power cuts at the venue, not Botswana Power Corporation regulated cuts but a faulty electric supply at the venue. This is what caused the sound to be occasionally cut off during shows, said Masekela.

“We were actually unable to print fresh tickets at the venue as we had intended to. We could use the automated access control system,” he said. The automated access control would have required them to also log onto the internet.

Masekela says that his team was forced to improvise by instead collecting tickets at the gate and reselling them to revellers who wanted to buy tickets at the gate. Because of the differences in ticket prices because of the Early bird promotion where concertgoers could buy the ticket at a lower price, there was a lot of confusion as to why the tickets were priced P100 but sold at P150 at the gate.

This by default meant that the ticket draw had to be cancelled because tickets where being re-circulated.
However, he says people who have attended the show still have an opportunity to win prizes that are sponsored by Cresta Hotel. “We still have a dinner for 2 and a weekend for two at Cresta Hotel up for grabs; we also have a shirt, cap, mug and cooler bag for the taking to people who have attended the show,” he said.

To ensure that only people who have attended benefit from the show, Masekela has posed the question, “Can you name the last four artists that performed at the Gaborone Summer Music Festival in order?”

The competition closes on the 22nd of December, and will be drawn publicly at a venue yet to be announced. Answers should be forwarded to cellphone number: 71733862, fax number: 3918799, email: [email protected] and postal address: P O Box 4282, Gaborone.
Meanwhile Fun Sounds Promotions has already begun preparation for the Gaborone Autumn Festival that is scheduled for end of March 2009.


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