Sunday, May 16, 2021

Savvy ticketing system introduced at Gabs Summer Music Festival

The music extravaganza that follows the Gaborone Autumn Music Festival that took place earlier this year will feature a dizzying array of no less than nine headliners that include Hugh Masekela, Nigerian jazz guitarist Kunle Ayo and former Stimela vocalist Nana Coyote.

The event coordinators, Fun Sounds Promotions, will also introduce, for the first time at The Gabs Summer Music Festival, a new technological event ticketing system. The ticket system that is provided by Lerorech Technologies is intended to control human traffic at the entrance and exit points of the venue.

Revellers attending the Gabs Summer Festival are not being handed the conventional colourful tear-off tickets but a white stub that is thermal printed. “No ink is used in the production of the ticket. The details on the ticket are basically burnt onto it,” says Lemmy Masekela, who is the manager of Fun Sounds Promotions. “Because of the type of paper used (which has a plastic feel) it would cost P40 000 to counterfeit a single ticket,” he smiled.

Lemmy, who is Hugh Masekela’s first cousin, adds that “the tickets are also number sequenced and carry unique barcodes that will be scanned in or out of the venue.”

He said that the scanning systems only allow for the tickets to be scanned in and out interchangeably, adding that people have long been abusing the tear off tickets, bringing in more of their friends on one ticket. He said that he believed that this ticketing system would prevent this because access would be controlled.
Masekela’s main business is to provide industry automisation through his business, Lerorech Technologies.

“Fun Sounds Promotions is a side venture that is fun for me,” he said. “Open air events are a scarcity and that’s the service I provide through Fun Sounds.”

The Gabs Summer Music Festival is scheduled for Saturday 29th November at the Botswana International Fairgrounds. Other artists featured on the bill are Afro pop sensation Ntando, trumpeter Socca Morokgomo, the globe-trotting traditional music outfit Culture Spears, afro jazz vocalist Nono, bass guitarist Citie and veteran traditional dance troupe, Mogwana.

Tickets cost P135 in advance and P150 at the gate. Fun Sounds Promotions encourages people to take part in Gabz FM and Mmegi’s competitions to win free tickets.

“The whole process costs P4 for a ticket worth much more,” Masekela said.


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