Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Galane Gold launches its new flag

Galane Gold Mine, the country’s sole gold producer, officially launched its new flag on Monday as a way of branding itself and making its presence felt in the country.

Addressing the participants during the launch of the flag, the Managing Director of Galane Gold Mine, Lawrence Munjengwa, said that the flag symbolizes the mine’s pride and also marks the new era of gold mining in the country.

“The Galane Gold Mine emblem, which is in our flag, is a symbol of pride and flying this flag alongside the national flag of Botswana at its operations from today would be a clear expression of a long lasting relationship between the mine and its stakeholders in Botswana. This is also a historic event for the mine as it marks the beginning of a new era for gold mining industry in Botswana,” he said.

Munjengwa also said that the mine continues to contribute to the welfare of the communities in its surrounding and also added that it is contributing to the economy of the country. Currently, he said, the mine employees 500 employees directly and indirectly through contractors.

“I also have to admit that communities around our operations are a key contributor to the success of our operations in the country. Galane Gold Mine has vowed through its sustainability policy to create lasting relationships with these communities built on mutual respect and trust,” he said.

He also said that the mine is committed to respecting human dignity as well as the rights of individuals and of the communities associated with their operations.

In a brief interview with The Telegraph on the sidelines of the event, Manjengwa revealed that the mine is currently considering underground mining to try and improve its production, which will also increase its lifetime.

“We currently operate an open pit mine but we are conducting a feasibility study because we want to venture into underground mining to improve our production. We have engaged geo-technical engineers so that this endeavor becomes a success,” he said.

Munjengwa remained optimistic saying that underground mining has more potential to extend the lifetime of the mine to over ten years.


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