Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Game On … Sebego and Electoral Board on Collision Course

It was politricks again this Wednesday at Lekidi as the Botswana Football Association (BFA) electoral committee released the names of candidates for the association elections.

A few hours after denying that Tebogo Sebego and Ookeditse Malesu had been eliminated from the BFA presidential race, the duo’s names were amiss when the final list of candidates was announced.

Sebego had earlier written to the electoral committee seeking clarification after information leaked out on Monday that he had been eliminated.

In the letter, the former BFA President expressed misgivings that such leaks compromised ‘the integrity of this important Committee of the BFA.’

“Whilst it is my wish to respect the sanctity of the electoral process and the independent nature of the Committee, I find the reports disturbing and questioning the integrity of this important Committee of the BFA,” Sebego queried.

“I must mention that, a few weeks ago, I received the information from one football Administrator who attended a gathering hosted by the current President in Francistown that there was a mention that I will be vetted from standing for elections. I obviously dismissed such talk,” he continued.

Sebego went on to inform the electoral that if the reports were not rebutted, they would ‘compromise the integrity of the electoral process and the Committee’s ability to deal with matters independently and professionally.’

“The reports also suggest the unlawful handling of the electoral process and porous state of the Committee. I trust that this is not the case but stand to be corrected,” he lamented. 

Responding to Sebego, electoral board chairperson Moemedi Letina ‘distanced the committee from the allegations in the media space.’ 

“We as the electoral committee distance ourselves from those purported social media reports and alleged comments made by the current BFA president,” he wrote in an email to Sebego.

Letina assured Sebego that the electoral board executed its duties ‘with high level of diligence in a free and fair manner.’ 

“Our decisions are reached at on impartiality and as a body we maintain our independence. The outcome of the vetting process will be communicated to all the applicants,” reads Letina’s email.

Reached for comment, Sebego confirmed that he will be challenging the decision of the BFA electoral board.

The former BFA president opined that the decision to vet him and Malesu from the race was predetermined, ‘given the allegations that the BFA president had sometimes ago while in Francistown hinted that he (Sebego) will be vetted out.’ 

Both Sebego and Malesu will be expected to lodge their appeals against the electoral committee within four days.

Meanwhile, the BFA elective general assembly is slated for the 8th of August. The venue of the elective general assembly is yet to be confirmed.


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