Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Gaolathe, Mmolotsi & Co. refuse to appear before Disciplinary Committee

Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD) leader, Ndaba Gaolatlhe and the party vice President Wynter Mmolotsi on Sunday spurned the party National Disciplinary Committee hearing that was scheduled for 11th June.

The two have are charged with nine counts of misconduct and were expected to appear for a disciplinary hearing before the party’s disciplinary committee.

The chairman of the Disciplinary committee Njobo Ofentse confirmed to The Telegraph on Monday that the two and other members of the party who are charged with misconduct did not show up.

Ofentse said the party members in question did not tender any reasons for failing to turn up.  

“The party President and his deputy were expected to appear before the disciplinary committee this past Sunday at 1000hrs at the BMD offices. I can confirm that by 1000hrs the committee was already there and none of those who were invited for disciplinary hearing showed up. We left the party office at 1130hrs when we realised that those who were invited were unlikely to show up,” said Ofentse.

Going Forward, Ofentse said, the Disciplinary Committee took a decision to write letters to Gaolatlhe and Mmolotsi inviting them again to appear before the Disciplinary committee this coming Sunday (18 June, 2017). Failure to attend, Ofentse said, his committee will take further actions. He would not be drawn into disclosing the kind of actions that they are likely to take against Gaolathe and his team.

“I cannot say what actions we are likely to take as a committee. It will depend on how those who are charged respond to our call, then we can take it from there as a collective decision by the committee,” said Ofentse.

Contacted for comment BMD vice president, Mmolotsi said he,  the party President and other members of the party who are charged with the alleged misconduct will never appear before a faction of the BMD.

“We heard about the said disciplinary hearing. Personally I did not receive any letter inviting me to any disciplinary hearing. I think it is because no one can dream of dropping that letter at my house. Even the President of the party did not receive any letter. What I know is that some of the members who were charged for the alleged misconduct received SMS inviting them to this disciplinary hearing and none of us went there,” said Mmolotsi.

He added that they deliberately snubbed the disciplinary committee because it is factionalised and they do not recognise it.

“We are busy preparing for Bobonong Congress. We really do not have that much time to waste on Modubule and Mangole. If we are charged with any thing, the people, the members of the BMD shall take action in Bobonong. We are waiting for the congress in Bobonong where the members shall be the judges,” said Mmolotsi.

This publication also contacted the party chairman Nehemiah Modubule. 

“I understand the disciplinary proceedings did not take place. Please contact the chairman of the Disciplinary Committee he will explain much better on the issue.”  


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