Sunday, July 3, 2022

GlenRand MiB and the Business Place sponsors young entrepreneurs

In a bid to develop future leaders, Glenrand Insurance Company has taken a step to sponsor underpriviledged primary school students to learn entrepreneurship.

This move comes after noticing that citizens need to prepare kids for a seemingly difficult future amid tough economic challenges, little job opportunities, increasing interest rates and, to some extent, even a great number of employees layed off from employment.

A continuous five-week training organised and run by the Bizkid is an initiative by the Bizgroup to Launch primary school students of ages between 9 and 14 into entrepreneurship. Bizkid encourages, nurtures and teaches the basics of entrepreneurship by affording students opportunities for priceless experiences to expectantly profile their futures. Bizkid simply helps children face uncertain future with certainty.

The Executive Director of Bizkid International, Moshe Seloko, told The Telegraph that they created their Entrepreneurial Program to help kids develop entrepreneurial ideas and to provide steps to take in the entrepreneurial journey.

He says at the end of their program, children would have experienced the entire entrepreneurial cycle, the impact of which is vast ÔÇô from inspiration and creating their own companies to understanding the relevance of being successful in life and academics. “We believe that the key to success in teaching the ideals of free enterprise is through hands on engagements,” Seloko said.

The Bizkid program teaches the basics of entrepreneurship, from starting a business, helping kids towards-financial literacy, money management, leadership and other essential business skills needed in this millennium.

The Bizkid International started in Botswana in 2011 with only 10 students from various schools and has since grown to over 30 schools in Botswana, South Africa and Zambia, with over 3500 students involved. In Botswana, the Bizkid is operational at Saint Mary’s, Ben Thema, Hillcrest International, Baobab, Phakalane, Regent International, Masa, Lesedi, Broadhurst, Westwood International, Okavango International, Botlhale International, Broadhurst, North Side, Thornhill schools and still expanding. In some of the schools, the program has been adopted as part of the extra-curricular activities.

Quizzed on the extent of government participation on the program, Seloko says that they have met with several government officials from the Ministry of Education & Skills Development as well as the Ministry of Trade and Industry, and the ministry of Trade embraced the program immediately whilst they are still in talks with the Ministry of Education.

“Bizkid offers opportunities not only to students and government, but to individuals and body corporate who have a lot to benefit from this program, hence the full participation of Glenrand Insurance. We are open to other organizations that have kid’s development at their hearts. But I want to thank the Glenrand MIB and The Business Place for taking a lead in this initiative,” Seloko said. “With their support, we shall see over 100 students graduating to the second stage of this training by end of April 201.”

One parent said it was true that people exposed to entrepreneurship frequently express that they have more opportunities to exercise creative freedoms, higher self esteem, and an overall greater sense of control over their own lives. As a result, it is globally believed that fostering a robust entrepreneurial culture will maximize individual and collective economic and social success on a local, national, and global field.

Commenting on the need for Bizkid, the Minister of Trade and Industry, Dorcus Makgatho-Malesu said that as a country, we should believe in the potential kids possess and the need to inspire entrepreneurship at an early age.

Given the right influences, kids can become sensational leaders.


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