Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Glitz, Glamour and Growth at the Botswana ModeliT Fashion Week

ModeliT Fashion Botswana has announced that the first ever ModeliT Fashion Week is set to be held in Botswana.

The ModeliT Fashion Week will be held under the theme “Our Lifestyle, Our Music, Our Fashion, Botswana is Rising”, while showcasing outstanding contemporary couture from Botswana’s talented designers and entertainers.

Basetsana Pelopedi-Mbewe, whose brainchild ModeliT Fashion Botswana is, together with renowned fashion coordinator and producer, Jan Malan, for Umzingeli Productions (New York Fashion Week and Johannesburg Fashion Week) and Azureceleste Media have set to establish this monumental event.

The trio expects at least 30 designers to showcase summer couture for their inaugural event, which is to span over 3 days, and line-up a collection of entertainers to astound the nation.

Victor Mhlanga, ModeliT Fashion Botswana Publicist, said Model iT Fashion Week is about showcasing high fashion culture that has long been overlooked in an approachable, accessible setting.

Mhlanga said the event is for the Batswana by the Batswana people and is for the means of skills transfer and uplifting the business of fashion and creative arts.

“We want this show to embrace the creative arts, represent the local heritage and uplift an emerging fashion industry,” said Mhlanga from Azureceleste Media.

He said fashion lovers have the opportunity to shop with retailers on site between shows.

ModeliT Fashion Botswana understands business objectives and as such is allowing the Fashion Week to create networking opportunities whilst celebrating innovation and individuality.

“We understand consumer desires, return on investment, corporate and national vision and industry trends, and that is why, this event is not to be missed,” he said.

With corporate social investment opportunities available, corporates may participate in the skills transfer workshops to positively impact the community and fashion industry. These workshops will be hosted on the first day of the event.

Mhlanga said guests at the 1st edition of ModeliT Fashion Week will be greeted by displays of fine art and impressive designs from the local talent.

Consumers, socialites, business people, stylists and designers of all sorts, celebrities and international press are invited to attend this prestigious fashion event. An impeccable creation is expected and certainly not to be missed.

Mhlanga said Jan Malan will assist in the upcoming Model Casting Call, as well as the selection of the designers and the musicians.

Malan is an acclaimed show Director of Umzingeli Productions who has worked on a wide range of fashion and entertainment related events across the continent and throughout the rest of the world, like the New York Fashion Week, Delhi Fashion Week, Face of Africa and now, he is busy with Johannesburg Fashion Week.

Open to the public, the Model iT Fashion Botswana ÔÇô The Fashion Week will offer general admission and VIP tickets in August online. Tickets will be available through advance purchase only.
VIP admission will offer the exclusive opportunity to mingle with designers and experience fashion in an intimate setting. The fashion week is set to be held in November.


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