Friday, July 19, 2024

GLOW camp to sensitise youth on responsible choices

GLOW Camp, a workshop designed to empower young people to make responsible choices about their lives will be conducted this Thursday at Ranaka Junior Secondary school. GLOW which is an aggregation for Guys/Girls Leading Our World caters for boys and girls aged from 12 to 17 years.

The camp coordinator, Lynne Saladin mentioned that their decision to focus on youth is based on evidence that they are a particularly vulnerable population in Botswana. She said the most commonly reported forms of abuse are emotional followed by physical, economic and sexual violence. “By working with youth, the camp will equip them with the skills and knowledge they need to make decisions that will empower them to make positive life choices,” she said.

Saladin added that they will also educate youth on gender-based violence and how to deal with emotions and anger appropriately.  She said they will lay a foundation of leadership and life skills strategies that can influence behaviour and outcomes as youth transition into adulthood.
She explained that one of the main focus areas will be communication and healthy life skills regarding the prevention of gender-based violence and strategies to stop the spread of HIV. “Strengthening these skills can have long-term outcomes on academic success and positive health behaviours. We will also encourage the youth to express their individualism and creativity by teaching and demonstrating positive outlets for coping with life challenges,” she said.

She further added that youth from 11 schools throughout the region will be able to engage in cross-cultural/ regional exchanges between each other as well as with Peace Corps Volunteers.

The GLOW camp will be conducted from Thursday April 30th in the afternoon to Sunday morning May 3rd 2015 at Ranaka JSS.  There will be nine delegations including Phitshane Molopo, Ranaka, Pitsane, Moshana, Digawana, Hebron, Magoriapitse, Mmathethe, and Molapowabojang. Students will participate in a series of workshops and practical exercises using the USAID Engaging Boys and Men in Gender manual and other similar curriculum.

The camp aims to enhance the participants’ leadership and communication skills, to boost their self-confidence, and to improve their knowledge on gender issues and gender based violence.


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