Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Golf fashion expose on Bank Gaborone Golf day

Golf is a sport that is slowly but surely causing a stir on people as many are now showing interest in the sport. Although it is a sport associated with the cr├¿me de la cr├¿me of the country, it’s a sport that requires discipline and dedication, but most of all the love for it.

They say with every sport, comes some sort of fashion and this year’s Bank Gaborone Golf day was no different as a lot of people came dressed to impress. Sunday Standard team caught up with a few golfers that came to the event that was held at Gaborone Golf Club on Friday.

Renee Preiss, a Logistics manager at Global holdings states that he was inspired by Tiger Woods, “So I picked something that would make me look a bit like him.” (Laughs)
‘”I am an on and off player, been doing it for 10years now,” he said.

When asked what he likes about the sport, he answered and said “It challenges the mind and I find this very interesting.”

Katlholo Modumedise, a Headman at Tlokweng kgotla said, “As a golfer one has to always look the part, but mostly importantly they have to be always smart and clean just like me because when playing it, one cannot get dirty. It’s the only sport that can’t make you dirty.” He has been playing it since 2006 and claims he won’t be stopping anytime soon. “Golf is very relaxing in a sense that if am bored I can always pass time playing it, and unlike other sports there is no physical confrontation with your opponent”

Kago Letshabo, a Legal manager at Bank Gaborone, “I always see ladies wearing this type of clothes at golf matches so I decided to go with this look and I guess it worked. I have only played it once and I liked it because it’s a very interesting game, but today I came to support my work mates. I suppose since it’s a sport, it can help in making one lose weight, but other than that I hear it’s very relaxing.”

Thabo Majola, the Managing Director at Incepta Communication states that he is not good at picking clothes or buying them and attributes his wife who helps him in the clothes department, but to be a golfer one has to look the part too. “I have been playing it for quite a while now and ever since I started I have somehow become addicted and cannot seem to stop myself. Golf is an interesting sport in the sense that it keeps one always on their toes and it’s very addictive. It relaxes both the mind and body.”

Bashi Billy who is his own Boss says he loves looking good. He further claims not to be very particular about clothes, but knows what works at the end of the day. “I started playing golf in 2009 and all these years I have been trying to perfect my skills; and by the look of things, i think it’s working. One thing I like mostly about Golf is that it keeps me active. It makes one forget about all the worries they have in life and focus on getting that ball in.”


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