Saturday, May 18, 2024

Government encouraged to consult people over infrastructural projects

Botswana Confederation of Commerce, Industry and Manpower President Leta Mosienyane has poked holes over what appears to be government tendency to build mega infrastructural developments without the input of the ordinary man.

Speaking Friday at Central Business District Executive seminar organized by Boidus Media, Mosienyane cited mega infrastructural roads developments constructed at rural areas whose populace hardly use the projects because of their poor economic status.

Mega infrastructural roads constructed at the taxpayer’s money have turned into white elephants as flashy posh cars hardly travel the roads fitting their stature.

Instead Mosienyane noted donkey carts, bicycles and pedestrians run the show- all because government never consulted with the public to consider their priorities.

By the end of the day, BOCCIM President noted the ordinary people were the end users, deserving consultation over infrastructural projects taking place in their respective regions.

“Ordinary people, the private sector should be taken on board …consulted over these projects,” he said, adding the move will render the projects sustainable for economic growth of the country.

While some roads are without the side-walks for pedestrians and bicycles, others do not cater for the domestic transport including donkey carts, the result of which is a clear sign of poor consultation.

Held under the theme “Investing in Infrastructure Development through PPP’s in Botswana”, CBD Executive seminar attracted Botswana’s top investors, developers and key stakeholders some coming from the neighbouring South Africa.

Mosienyane also considered the government to give the under construction Kazungula bridge a monumental touch to attract the tourists to the area, insisting such a social investment was practiced across the world with originally sleepy places becoming a choice of destination.


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