Sunday, March 3, 2024

Government remains unyielding on controversial Constituency league

Botswana government will not budge an inch over the controversial constituency league as the tournament has since inception borne fruits for the country.

The ruling Botswana Democratic Party Member of Parliament for Gaborone South constituency Kagiso Molatlhegi seeking re-election in the looming national election, reiterated government unrelenting stance over the football tournament this week.

The move defies the Federation of International Football Association regulations that notwitstanding.

“Constituency league, Ipelegeng and other social government initiatives have contributed immensely to the development of our country,” argued Molatlhegi at a political rally on Wednesday in Old Naledi location to woo supporters to his side ahead the national elections on the 24th of October.

He dismissed opposition parties version of initiatives a waste of time and financial resources.
“Sharps football team, Rollers and Gaborone United have benefited from the tournament,” Molatlhegi added without citing the names of players who have graduated from the constituency league to the big name football teams.

Both Rollers and GU are plying their trade at the elite premier league and have stayed on top of the lucrative competition for considerable consecutive seasons.

Visiting the country in recent months, FIFA delegation on a fact finding mission surrounding the constituency league identified some misconduct with the football tournament.

The delegation called for the league to be incorporated and monitored by the Botswana Football Association, giving the Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture an ultimatum to have relinquished power by September 22nd.

A political office, MYSC has the likelihood to manipulate and influence the constituency league to satisfy their own political ends- contradicting the world body football provisions.

Should Botswana be scrapped off FIFA membership, the country will be barred from competing on international games including the coveted continental tournament ÔÇôAfrica Cup of Nations scheduled next year.

The move will not augur well with the country still campaigning for the tournament qualification and looking forward to becoming a force to reckon with in the region.

The brainchild of President Ian Khama, opposition parties are adamant the constituency league is designed to leverage political interests of the ruling party.

“Our government is yet to take another milestone development, building a state of art performing arena near the Botswana National Productivity Centre,” Molatlhegi further told Old Naledi audience, adding all kinds of athletic and artistic performances will be conducted in the envisaged facility.

“Bontleng residents have been briefed about the development for the purpose of environmental consequences. Soon the delegation will be here,” he concluded.


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