Monday, October 18, 2021

Gov’t accused of trying to destroy yet another Basarwa organization

An organization that represents the interest of the Basarwa,  Kwaedom Council has accused the government of fuelling animosity among Basarwa to rebel against the organization.

The organization is worried that government is yet again in a move aimed at turning people against an organization that represents their interest.

Khwaedom Council was shocked to learn that the government through the Minister of Local Government, Slumber Tsogwane had persuaded people to turn against the organization at an official meeting in Khwai village.

Khwaedom Council spokesperson Keikabile Mogodu has castigated  minister Tsogwane for his remarks at an official meeting with Khwai community in Moremi Game Reserve.

Tsogwane had uproar when he said he was not aware of Khwaedom Council which was part of the Fifteenth Session of the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous People in United States of America two weeks back.

At the meeting the government was shocked to learn that there was a group that differed with them on indigenous people.

Tsogwane went to Khwai  village after the meeting where he informed the community in Khwai that he only  met Khwaedom Council  in USA which claimed to be representing their interest.

Mogodu was  of the view that the minister was turning people against the organization.

“I would not say he is ill-informed but I am aware that Khwaedom Council has been working with the government. We have been involved with the same ministry that he heads on  community development,”added Mogodu.

He said that Khwaedom was also  involved in the indigenous knowledge system draft policy where they worked with the  ministry.

Mogodu stated that this was a clear sign that shows that the government is always against the Basarwa organizations.

He is not the only one who has done that to organisations representing the Basarwa, said Mogodu.

He said that the latest incident shows that they do not recognize the organization despite the  fact that the organization was lawfully registered in Botswana.

Mogodu said that this organization was formed by Basarwa with the whole intention of negotiating with the government on issues affecting Basarwa.

“They want people to give them assurance that they don’t know us but they have failed because Basarwa always tell them that the council represents their interest,” he added.


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