Thursday, May 23, 2024

Gov’t lays out blueprint for NDP 11

Despite facing significant challenges during the much touted NDP 10, government promises that there will be significant improvements in the NDP 11 especially with regards to infrastructure development and the provision of services. “During NDP 11, new facilities will be constructed that have the potential to improve and stimulate economic growth, including the local economy,” said the acting minister of Investment, Trade and Industry Eric Molale.

Whilst Molale expressed optimism about the NDP 11, he admitted that there were significant challenges in other sectors of the economy during the NDP 10 such as energy and water, inadequate production capacity of the agricultural sector, climate change which continues to negatively impact the environment, amongst many.

Presenting in Parliament Chapter six of the National Development Plan 11 under the Thematic Area of Economy and Employment, Molale said there is a mismatch between the demand and supply of labour resources. He also said project management continues to be a problem across all sub-sectors, including insufficient planning and generally slow implementation.

He further stated that priority will be on high impact projects, which will act as enablers for the enhancement of economic development and employment creation. He added that government will also develop an infrastructure master plan aimed at attaining best value out of the infrastructure. 

Molale also said this will be coupled by implementation of the Botswana National Spatial Development Framework (BNSDF) which started during NDP 10. He said the BNSDF is a sustainable land management tool that is meant to guide and coordinate all major developments to ensure efficient planning of settlements, infrastructure and investment, where land would be earmarked and reserved for all major and strategic projects up to 2036.

“Land servicing remains a critical priority for NDP 11 so as to accelerate infrastructure development and the provision of services,” said Molale.

He stated that in view of Botswana’s relatively small market, international trade is paramount to building sustainable industries and integrating Botswana into the world trade and global value chains with a view to increasing her competitiveness and contributing to sustainable economic growth.


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