Sunday, May 22, 2022

Government extends NDP10 further to April 2017

A delay in the preparation of the ‘Vision Beyond 2016′, a new national vision that the government is currently preparing has forced government to extend the enactment of the National Development Plan 11 (NDP 11) to April 2017 instead of the rightful date of April 2016.

As a result, Parliament on Thursday approved a proposal by the Minister of Finance and Development Planning to extend the National Development Plan 10 (NDP) by one financial year to March 2017.

Making his submission to parliament this past Thursday, Matambo said the delay of the National Development Plan 11 (NDP11) which was slated to start in April 2016 will allow enough time for the preparation and completion of the next national vision.

The new vision is intended to inform development policies, strategies and programmes of NDP 11 according to Matambo.

“In order to ensure that issues emanating from the Vision beyond 2016 inform the preparation of NDP 11, Government has decided that the two be aligned so that finalisation of NDP 11 awaits completion of the Vision Beyond 2016,” Matambo told parliament.

The current National Development Plan (NDP 10) was kick started in April 2009 and was expected to end in March 2016 coinciding with the target of the Vision 2016.

Government papers indicate that the strategic focus of development policy in NDP 10 was to accelerate diversification of the economy with main areas of focus including human resource development, infrastructure and utilities; agriculture and environment; and governance.

Under NDP10, which covers 2009-2016, major issues were grouped into four, namely economy and employment, Social upliftment, Sustainable Environment, and Governance, Safety and Security.
However some huge projects were either delayed or totally stripped off NDP 10 for what the government said was budget constraints.

Amongst those affected was the construction of 10 new hospitals which were to be built in Moshupa, Tonota, Mabutsane, Lerala, Mmathubudukwane and Letlhakeng.

It is not clear whether the government will give priority to such a project or a new project will be brought forth.

On Thursday Matambo told parliament that once the resolution to extend NDP 10 by one financial year has passed, the finance and development planning ministry will consult with the relevant stakeholders such as ministries and local authorities to determine which programmes and projects approved under NDP 10 or new ones should be implemented during the extended period of NDP 10.


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