Thursday, July 7, 2022

Gov’t slapped with three-quarter million law suit

A Gaborone man, Thabo Andrew Malapela, has slapped government with a P750, 000 law suit for torture and harassment by members of Botswana Police Service.

The law suit follows after Malapela says he was on the 19 of July 2013 assaulted by members of the BPS, especially a certain Inspector Tumelo Babusi after he arrested him in Bontleng shops.

Before then, Malapela, in law suit compiled by his lawyer, Macbain Kaang, said that he was approached by an unmarked car driven by Babusi and that he then drove away from the approaching unmarked car but the unmarked car followed him and was eventually arrested without any lawful excuse as he had not committed any offence and there was no suspicion of him having committed any crime.

After the unlawful arrest without lawful excuse, Malapela states that he was subjected to further torture and humiliation when Babusi fired two bullets into the bonnet of his motor vehicle . The suit states that the bullet holes are still visible on the car and that the action had caused him damage.

He states that the conduct by Babusi was destitute of lawfulness and that he was “trigger happy”.
As a result, Malapela says he suffered damages to his motor vehicle, adding that when carrying out the acts, the officer purported to have been acting in the scope of his employment in BPS.
Malapela says he suffered negative media coverage as he was in one local newspaper referred to as a robbery suspect.

Failure to pay the P750, 000 they are demanding in 14 days will result in litigation.


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