Thursday, July 18, 2024

Law firm withdraws law suit

Mack Bahuma Attorneys lawyer, Leonard Mosepele on Friday told Gaborone High Court judge Bengbame Sechele that hey were withdrawing from a law suit they have brought before him against John Hicliffe who has been acting as a judicial manager of Daisy Loo company.

Mosepele then excused himself from the Court and left. The law firm had filed a case asking the Court to order that Hincliffe should not be allowed judicial management of the company before he paid them an undisclosed amount of money as legal fees.

Unoda Mack was cagey on the matter when asked to say whether they have withdrawn from the case because they have been paid. “We cannot discuss such matter with the press because of client lawyer confidentiality rules,” was all he could say.

But on the other hand a lawyer representing Joseph Kokeletso a Gaborone Deputy sherrieff who has also sued for failure to be paid Keikanetswe Moesi has confirmed that they were continuing with their case. “As you have heared the judge setting the case for April 30, we are continuing with the case,” said Moesi.

He declined to say whether the withdrawal by the other law firm meant that they have reached an out of Court agreement for payment with Daisy Loo. “I do not have any information on that”, he said.

Unoda Mack had represented Daisy Loo in a case the company and its Managing Director Moemedi Dijeng had been charged with trying to defraud Gaborone City Council of P24 million. At the end of a marathon trial the company its MD and three GCC employees were not found guilty by a High Court judge and the company was paid over P30m. The company then apparently failed to pay legal and deputy sherrif’s fees.


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