Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Govt said to be censoring Nasha’s book on state media

The government is said to have issued a directive instructing reporters from the state-owned media not to review the recently published autobiography of the current speaker of the National Assembly Dr. Margret Nasha because it is believed to be critical of President Ian Khama and his administration.

“The book is seen as being too critical of the current administration; hence there is such a censorship. The reporters from Daily News only covered the launch of the book and used speech from the guest speaker and Nasha herself as a form of book review. They were told to forget about an independent review of the review,” said a source.

Approached for comment, Deputy Permanent Secretary Deputy Permanent Secretary, Ministry of State President, Botswana, Mogomotsi Kaboeamodimo laughed off the allegations.

He was also confrontational as he demanded to know if such a directive constituted news if it existed.

“That is nonsense. We would not discuss Dr. Nasha’s book with anybody.┬á If indeed that is the case; is it newsworthy? First of all it is not true.”

He continued to throw tantrums and told The Telegraph “to continue writing the story.”

“Why would we do that in the first place because this is a public office (Office of the President). The allegation you raised about censoring the review of Dr. Nasha’s book in the state owned media is nonsensical,” said Kaboeamodimo.

For her part, Nasha confirmed that she had not been approached by any reporter from the state media for an interview in relation to her acclaimed autobiography which has since received a number of reviews in the private media. 

“I have not been approached by any reporter from the State media,” she said. She added that she was not worried because every media house has its own editorial policy.

The Telegraph has learnt that a blackout instruction has been given to Government journalist over Nasha’s book.
Last week some members of the ruling party had sought to put into motion a process of possible disciplinary action against Dr Nasha who is a BDP card carrying member.

Attempts were also nudged against Limkokwing University to remove Nasha from a list of speakers at the university’s graduation ceremony where she is expected to make a keynote address in the near future.


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