Thursday, May 19, 2022

GU and Chiefs headed for a battle over Maposa?

Mochudi Centre Chiefs and Gaborone United (GU) might be heading for a battle over the ownership of talented goalkeeper Noah Maposa.

On Tuesday during the club’s press briefing, GU announced that they have signed a contract with Maposa and he will be donning the Reds’ colours next season. Maposa is said to have signed a contract with GU the previous week after he returned from trials with South African Premier League side Platinum Stars, hence the major announcement on Tuesday.

While most GU supporters celebrated the announcement, it has since been established that there is a new twist to the whole issue.

Chiefs claim that despite the fact that Maposa’s contract ended in the past season, he still remains their goalkeeper as he has agreed in principle to a new contract.

“As you might be aware, Noah is away attending trials with Thanda Royal Zulu (South African First Division side) and went there at the expense of Chiefs. As far as I know, he remains a Chiefs’ player,” said a source close to the goalkeeper.

There are even reports that Maposa has accepted some money from Chiefs as a way of committing his cause to the club for the next season.

Contacted for comment, Chiefs chairman, Ernest Molome, said he was surprised to hear GU announcing during their press conference that Maposa had signed a contract with the club. Molome made a surprise appearance at GU’s offices during their press briefing.

“As far as I know he is our player and we still have his (registration) book with us. I have spoken to Noah and he denies having signed a contract with GU and has instructed us not to hand his book to anyone until he comes back,” said Molome.

He pointed out that his side still values Maposa as a goalkeeper hence they are not going to sell him unless it’s outside the borders.

On the other hand, GU chairman Fidelis Nkomazana maintained that Maposa is their goalkeeper and nothing will stop them from ensuring that he dons their colours next season.
Nkomazana said that they have been shown a letter which is claimed to have been written by Maposa distancing himself from GU but the signatures are not the same.

“We have letters here in our possession and a valid contract. I’ve been in contact with him (Maposa) and he has asked me to wait until he comes to solve the issue. He says he has long decided to join GU and for your record, Noah could have joined us in the past,” said Nkomazana.
Before he left for trials in South Africa, Maposa could not confirm or deny whether he had signed for GU.

“I’ll reveal everything to you when I come back. But I might be lost to Botswana football because I believe that I’ll impress in South Africa,” said Maposa.

Some quarters have attacked Chiefs for what they say is ‘dirty tricks’. They pointed out that Chiefs are causing confusion because they want to benefit if Maposa signs for the South African side.

“Chiefs have left it until late and I doubt if GU can announce that they’ve signed Noah when they know it’s not the truth. I think Chiefs are the ones who are playing games here,” said a source.


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