Thursday, February 29, 2024

GU, Chiefs and Sankoyo face FIFA sanctions

Gaborone United, Mochudi Centre Chief and Sankoyo Bush Bucks stand to be sanctioned by FIFA should their previous coaches carry out their threats to report the three Premier League teams to the international football governing body for failing to pay them.

The three teams have already been reported to the Botswana Football Association for failing to pay their former coaches.

Botswana Football Association (BFA) Chief executive officer, Mfolo Mfolo has confirmed that the coaches have lodged a complaint with him.

Chiefs’ former coaches Drago Stanojovic and Bongani Mafu have written to the BFA calling on the association to compel the teams to pay them.

Drago is also owed by GU and Sankoyo.

“We have received a complaint from Drago that we have since passed to the premier league to assist the coach and approach the teams to settle the debts,” Mfolo said.

He explained that should the teams fail to pay the coaches the gaffers have a right to report the matter to FIFA.

“If it is reported to FIFA, the world governing body can deduct the money from any financial assistance they give to BFA. They will pay the coaches from the money that was supposed to benefit the BFA to run its programmes,” Mfolo explained.

Mfolo further explained that Mafu has written him an email threatening to report Chiefs to FIFA for his outstanding dues.

The BFA CEO advised the teams to enforce economic controls and live within their means so that they can be able to control their debts.

Asked what would happen should the coaches report the matter to FIFA and the organization deducts money from the association’s grant, Mfolo said  “we will have to deal with the teams and see how we payback our money. We can get the money from the league prize money or from the grants that are paid to the teams.”

In the just ended season, the premier league matches were disrupted as players boycotted games, resulting in the frequent rescheduling of fixtures.

GU also has an outstanding debt with former coach, Rudolf Zapata.


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